Must-Have Car Seat Accessories 2020 –

Every child rides in a car seat.  However, we have ways to make those car seats to work to our advantage.  The car seat is of course for safety.  However, being strapped in doesn’t mean that the child has to be miserable. There are many accessories that can add to the function of the car seat such as what we are about to suggest.

Travel Tray

While traveling in the car, the child will probably like a snack or want to play with toys, especially on a long car ride.  While this isn’t always possible when strapped in a car seat or it is difficult.  A travel tray should help.  This should be made of a soft material that is safe on impact, should there be a crash at some point.  You always want to think of safety first when using accessories with your car seat.  They should not hinder the way the seat protects a child on impact.  While we all hope that there is never and impact, the reason for the car seat is for protection.  So, when looking for a travel tray, be sure that you seek out one that is soft yet durable.

Car seat Travel Organizer

Let’s face it, kids come with stuff. They need their things near them such as a bottle, pacifier, or their favorite stuffy for long car rides.  Why not have an organizer that helps with that? They make organizers that attach to the side of the car seat so that the toddler can have their things right at their fingertips.  There are a few different designs for this as well.  They can attach to the side of the seat or they can have a mat that goes under the seat and hangs down by the feet area.  These can act as both a car seat organizer as well as a protective mat at the same time.  Let’s face it, kids are messy, and having a protective mat is a great idea!

Car Seat Winter Covers

Winter covers go over the car seats to protect the little ones from the elements.  They typically are made of fleece and have a “window” that has a flap to allow the baby’s face to show when not in the elements.  These are very helpful for those with little ones that have car seats in which they carry the baby in and out of the car.  They are easy to apply, with elastic straps and replace the blanket over the face technique so it better stays put.

Car Seat Strap Covers

Those straps can be rather aggressive on baby’s skin, so why not wrap them in something a little softer with some cushion?  Car seat strap covers can also tell emergency people about certain issues with the baby such as autism awareness.  In the event that there is a crash and you are separated, it will be helpful to first responders. 

Car Seat Friendly Toys

There are all kinds of car seat toys out there that allow you to strap them down so that baby can have entertainment on the go.  Again, just be sure they are soft and impact safe.  

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