Graco 4Ever vs Extend2Fit Comparison Review 2020

Inside this Graco 4Ever vs Extend2Fit comparison article we will discuss the recommended use, the pros and the cons of these two lovely car seats from the same company Graco.

Whether you’re shopping for a newborn, a 10 month or 2 years old, deciding which seat between an infant convertible car seat and a car seat can be one of the stressful experiences.

It’s not only a necessary purchase that you’ll be making, but it also is likely to be pricey, and that’s why you need to get it right. 

Save the hassle of buying multiple car seats by making the right decision and buying Graco infant car seat products.

Car seats by Graco promises to protect your most precious passengers as each of their baby and toddler car seats is rigorously tested.

Every infant car seat in the market meets or exceeds the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). 

Again Graco has diversified baby and toddler cars. You don’t have to panic because we’ve made a choice easy for you.

We have handpicked and compared for you two of the best products by Graco: the Extend2Fit Car Seat vs Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat so that you can have an easy time shopping for your most precious passenger. 

Most importantly, Graco works closely with the National Highway Traffic Safety administrations Car Seat guidelines and the  American Academy of Pediatrics to ensure that they develop the most comfortable products in the market.

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Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat

The Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat is an all-in-one car seat that saves space in your back seat  while allowing your infant plenty of room to grow. 

This infant seat transforms from a rear-facing infant seat to belt-positioning booster for your grown child.

The key adjustable features serve your kid as they keep on growing with ease, further making the seat more comfortable.

The seat is designed to meet and exceeds the U.S. FMVSS 213; besides the side, also meets the side-impact tests for passenger retention using EPS foam, a 5 point harness system

Critical Features of the Graco Extend2Fit Car seat:

The Extend2Fit provides a 4 position, 5 inch leg extension panel for extra leg room in case it seems like your child is getting squished riding rear facing.

This gives them more leg room to ride rear facing longer.

This can accommodate your baby to as little as 4 pounds all the way up to 50 pounds riding rear facing.

Once reached the recommended weight riding rear facing, switching to the forward facing position raises the weight limit to 65 lbs.

The Simply Safe Adjust Harness System regulates the position of your harness and head-rest.

The harnessing feature storage compartment is responsible for holding unused straps while the seat is in a sitting position.

The seat is also designed with a right latch system for an easy, 1-second latch attachment and 6 position recline, ensuring that your child keeps growing comfortably given that the seat can convert from rear to forward-facing modes.

The plush support feature is removable. This means that your kid will be sitting in comfortable clean seat covers, which are easily removed without tampering with the harness.

It’s also easy to clean the buckles using a damp piece of clothing.

An additional safety feature of the product is the Graco Protect Plus Engineered.

This is a combination of highly rigorous crash tests that help protect your child from the rear, suicide, or frontal to rollover crashes. 

Also, Graco Extend2Fit is tested based on extreme car interiors temperatures and other New Car Assessment Programs.

Pros of  Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

  1. Compared to Graco 4Ever DLX, the Graco Extend2Fit can ride up to 50 pounds rear facing while the Graco 4Ever 40 lbs
  2. The  latch system makes the convertible car seat a pretty easy installation especially for new parents
  3. There is a bubble indicator to show if you installed the car seat in the correct level position
  4. The EPS foam makes the seat comfier for your little one. The cushioning is slim and comfortably soothing your little one throughout the journey

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The 4-position recline is limiting:

  • One of the notable downsides of the Graco Extend2Fit is that it doesn’t turn into a high back booster or a backless booster. The Extend2Fit 3 in 1 does convert into a high back booster. The Extend2Fit 4 in 1 car seat converts into a high back and backless booster. They all have the awesome 5 inch leg extension. If that’s something your interested in you can check that out here
  • The leg panel extension does mean that the car seat takes up more space which might make the front seat passenger sacrifice some space feeling squished. May be better fit for larger car such as a mini van

Let’s now move through the specifics in this Extend2Fit Car Seat vs Graco 4Ever DLX 4 comparison review.

Graco 4Ever DLX Video Review

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Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat


The Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat comes packed in a massive box with all you need to adjust the seat to fit children from 4-120lbs. As such, it’s evident to say that the sit is an all-encompassing grow with your kid, type of seat. Graco estimates that this seat can serve your family for up to 10 years.  Besides, the set comes in diverse colors, and you’ve got a choice of picking perfect match for your car as well as your kid and ranges from Bryant, Fairmont, Ion, Joslyn, Kendrick, and Zagg.

So, what are the critical features of the  Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat?

2 hard plastic cup holders allowing your kids flexibility when getting the water bottle in and out by themselves.

The 5 Point helps caregivers to position the chest clip in line with the child’s armpits.

The shoulder straps are adjustable up in different positions. Besides the tightness of the harness is adjustable by a touch of a button making your baby more secure and comfy throughout the journey.

The seat also comes with 6 recline positions to ensure that your child keeps on growing comfortable through the various journeys.

It also comes with Graco’s in right latch attachment for instant attachment (Graco says one 1 second!) audible click further ensuring a secure installation.

Speaking of the pads, they are removable and machine washable within 60 seconds without uninstalling the seat.

The metal and plastic parts are also easy to clean, and it recommended that you use mild soap and lukewarm water.

The sit weights 22.8 pounds and has a dimension of 20 x 21.5 x 24 inches.

Recommended Use for theGraco 4Ever vs Extend2Fit Car Seats:

  • Throughout your many journeys, be sure always as much as possible to ride facing the rear until they reach maximum age rear-facing weight or height rating for the car seat
  • If forward-facing, be sure that your kid rides using the in build harness system as much as possible  till they come to the age of height or weight recommended for the car seat
  • When children have attained the recommended height and weight for the car seat, it recommended that your child ride in a belt-positioning booster seat. 
  • You will not be needed a the belt-position belt once  your child can fit in properly which is typically when they are 4ft and 9 inches or between the age of 8 to 12 years

Pros of using the Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

  • Compared to Graco Extend2Fit, the Graco 4Ever DLX comes with a 4-IN-1 convertible car seat while the former is only a 2-in-1 convertible car seat.    
  • Being a 4-in-1, the 4Ever DLX can be used as  both a backless booster car seat and highback booster car seat  while the Graco  Extend2Fit cant be used as a highback booster
  • The seat is designed using TrueShield Technology to ensure maximum security, even if you were involved in a car accident. TrueShiled technology ensures the seat does not have side impacts
  • The seat is adjustable as your infant keeps on outgrowing fast. Adjusting the 4-in-1 car seat is super easy
  • The pads are removable and easy to wash if they got dirty  

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While installing the seat onto the car is as easy as ABC, removing the almost permanent is tedious. If you need to walk with your child out and about, you will need some sort of carrier. In this case, it limits where you can take the car seat unlike other infant carriers

  • The Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 does permit your infant only to sit rear-facing to 40 LBS  since it does not have an extension panel. Graco Extend2Fit has a 5-inch Extension panel that permits your infant to sit rear for longer comfortably

Where to buy

The best place to buy these car seats is on Amazon. They typically have the lowest price and fastest shipping.

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Which is the Best Option Between Graco 4Ever vs Extend2Fit?

Between the Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat vs Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat, no doubt are notable differences. The critical difference between the two car seats is the 4 position, 5 inch leg extension panel in the Extend2Fit and the Graco 4Ever converting to a high back and backless booster which the Extend2Fit cannot.

In the end, it depends on how you intend to use the convertible car seats. With the Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, it provides extra leg room and is a choice if you’re on a limited budget, but if you’re looking not to buy another car seat soon, why not go for the Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat.

That concludes our article on the Extend2Fit Car Seat vs Graco 4Ever DLX 4 car seat comparison! Hope this helped you find your baby’s new car seat!

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